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Adrian doughty well what can i tell you about adrian  that you may not know by now hmmm let me take you back to 1997  thats the first year i had the pleassure of meeting mr doughty and by know means the mr doughty you all know and love today but a timid quiet shy man always very humble and may i even go as far as saying not a confident performer as ive watched over the years with many performers from the moment they step on the stage they all have that same look in there face  of what i can only describe as little boy lost  then he would finally announce me and the other girl and a  look of relief would finally wash over him with the colour finally coming back in to his pale cheeks but with each show i witnessed more and more confidence surrounding adrians act as his popularity grew. I went of the scene for a few years only to throw a birthday party many years later id  invited a couple of people out the business and one of them had secretly booked me a stripper well let me tell you i am a girl who has spent 20 years in the business  and never had a male stripper dance for me at one of my partys i sat there nervous as i had a idea i was being set up there it was as i sat on my sofa who walked in wearing a  leather thong it was the shy timid compare i had met years before and before i knew it i myself was pulling handkerchiefs out of his crutch with my teeth wow were did that shy guy go  anyway that was the day Adrian came back in to my life, we became great friends very close and i had the pleasure of watching him go from strength to strength  he had become a dedicated mason and mixed in lts of different circles wow i was meeting everyone from celebrity gangstas to famous singers and comedians and Adrian has been see rubbing shoulders with various diferent acts from all over the world he continues to grow going from strength to strength  and is a good friend ,mentour to many of us who look to him for support and advice  i sometimes gigle to myself wondering is that shy timid young man still in there but it has been a pleasure watching someone grow to be what is now one of the best acts in showbiz.