Bruce Reynolds Great Trian Robber Passes away in his sleep 81 years

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It seems another of what will soon be folk law the  brains behind the great train robbery way back in August 1963 . Has sadly past away .
I Know doubt there are many will not shed a tear however as i have only ever met the gentleman , I say gentleman as that is the man i new ,
As a result of illness he wasn't able to  attend the dinner for his friend and fellow Great train robber Ronnie Biggs . By close friend Roy Shaw who also died last year .
However his son nick kindly offered his band famed for recording the Themed tune to the American gangster TV series the Sopranos ,
He Is not just a exhalent musician but a renowned sculptor in his own write .
So i say to you nick and your family our thoughts are with you at this difficult time . To you Mr Bruce Reynolds we say good bye to a man finally came to the conclusion that crime doesn't pay but not until some forty million pounds went through his control in todays money.