Dave Lee MBE, Ukcomedean Adrian Doughty pays Tribute to our very own care bear,

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  It is with great sadness i find my self writing this small contribution to what i am sure will be many more over the coming months,

Its some twelve years ago when i had the  honor of Joining what for Dave Lee MBE has truly been remarkable journey , 

As i say lots will be written by grater men than me so i will keep this to my own private time i sheared with our Dave , 

As i have said before to me its what folk don't know that goes on behind the scenes that make men and women like Dave Lee, Great in my eyes . Although i met Dave through fellow comedian and creator off the imfomas ODD-BALL,S Fame Danny Blue. 

It was this invite to help what became an almost annual diary date for  show business stars to throw there hat into the ring, 

As the pictures above will testify any body who is any body would throw there wait behind the wonderful children charity , Dave Lee,s Happy Holidays  for the disabled, sick,and unprivileged children of Kent, and there immediate family. It was typical of Dave to go the extra mile and included the as Dave called them the real heroes of theses poor sick children who in the most cases are sadly no longer with us , 

He saw the benefit that by giving rest bite to the mums and dads then the quality of life for all was archived.   

So as i look up on my wall at a certificate of appreciation. So proudly signed by Dave Lee. I believe from memory i did ten shows , It goes without saying i would do a hundred


It is testament to the respect Dave Lee was held that the Vice Presidents of this charity are all heavy waits in show business , I.E world Boxing champion,  Barry Mcguigan MBE, world Snocer champion Ray Readon MBE, Jim Davison OBE, Richard Digance  Garry Bushall, Radio Presenter BBC Kent Radio, Barbra Sturgeon,  Song writer Gerard Kenny Song writer singer ,

It wasn't long before i to was captured by the motivation to help Dave Lee, on his crusade of support to the many that were touched by this warm gentle clown that we all grew to love.

So it was that after two shows in one day  back to back pantos, any one reading this that has done two show a day  over a hundred miles away Dave Lee Drove at great speed from Canterbury Marlow theater to London .  Where he joined me Live on stage to thank the thousand strong audience , For there generosity in attending the event sponsored by Bartercard uk ,

This is the  acts of which i am sure there are hundreds that would have similar stories to tell. For Dave it was back on the road that so many fellow acts no so well for the the hundred mile journey back to Kent , Safe in the knowledge he had secured over fifteen thousand pounds for the children of Kent .  

My other main memory was living with dave on the road whilst he was playing viagra alongside Fellow comedians Jim Davison OBE and Roger Kitter in the successful tour of the Jim Davison Adult Sinderella,  Its here when the pressures of live theater with only a weeks rehearsal is allowed that Daves hummer come into its own in building a the team reliving other acts nerves , both in and out of the theater . Helping with bereavement, brake ups, the list is endless .

So i simply say to finish thank you ,Dave Lee OBE, Thank for enriching my life for the laughs, the tears , the gags , This was one of his favorites , I USED TO BE ON PROSAIC , BEFORE I FOUND HAPPY MEAL!  Well you certainly gave us a wonderful dirt of love generosity of hart beyond measure and for that we salute you !  


                                          Love you always


                                             Adrian Doughty