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 Ukcomedian Adrian Doughty Get,s invited to the Westminster Abbey , For the hundred years centenary of the passing of the most revered author of our time Charles Dickens ,

A special services in the presents of the good and great all with one thing in common admiration and respect of a icon of our time . All from humble beginning in what was the Kent country side of the time . 

With such historical stories from the Ghost of Christmas past, Great expectations, Oliver twist,

For the dyslexic comedian this truly is a land mark in what is one of the most colorful journey to date .  Having to fight the system in the late sixties to carve some support for what we now take as a common condition , nearly half a century ago children were banished to such groups with names such as Basic 2.6 Not the ideal class to be in if you later found yourself in the play ground at the time of the notorious skin head era .